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Our Story

Ace Battery, a family owned business, started recycling lead acid batteries in the mid 1940's.  At that time the company was called Battery Salvage and now, 60 years later, we are in our third generation ownership.

We recycle all types of lead acid batteries, a few examples are: Lawn and Garden, Motorcycle, Automotive, Golf Cart, Truck and heavy equipment.  We also receive special types of batteries like gel cell, back ups for computers, emergency lighting, telephone communications, and certain tools.  

We buy lead, i.e. tire weights and any type of lead product as well as batteries that are dropped off at our facility.

Another part of our business is hauling and hoisting.  We perform these duties for some very large communication and wireless companies.  Also, we warehouse customer batteries, wire and cable, cabinets for switching and all support supplies.


Here are a few types of businesses we can assist:

    Automobile Dealerships and service stations

    Communication Companies

    Manufacturing facilities

    Warehouses and distribution centers

    State, City and County government agencies


We at Ace Battery take pride in our service and safety record. For any of your disposal, removal, hoisting and hauling needs or warehousing please give us a call to see how we can assist your business.

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